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hCG Diet Dangers

hCG Diet Dangers

Improper dieting are associated with danger or side effects throughout the years. Some are ever more so dangerous. The very popular hCG diet is one of the good ones but of course it still does have some risks or side effects for some people. Follow the hCG diet properly and also consult your doctor to ensure that is appropriate for your level of health, age, and any health conditions you may have.

The hCG diet initially includes risks of loss of consciousness due to very low calorie intake and daily headaches. The hCG knockoffs available that actually have little to no real hCG in them, buying from a manufacturer that is not approved by FDA and actually operating under cover, losing too much weight too quickly, and slowing metabolism over long term if done for longer than recommended.

Outmost care of buying hCG knockoff drops the risks of slowing the metabolism, losing too much too quickly. Avoid slowing your metabolism quickly by following instructions carefully. The hCG diet is done for a specific period of time and then taking a long enough break in between so your body doesn’t remain on such a restricted diet for too long. Buy from reputable companies that are with the Better Business Bureau and FDA compliant. The health risks associated with the extremely low calorie intake can be reduced by just slightly increasing the amount of calories according to your level of activity. This also reduces feelings of being weak and light headed. The hCG diet will still work because you are just burning those calories right off with your activity.

The overall verdict is that the hCG diet is a good way to safely lose weight as long as you make sure you are careful to follow the instructions to a tee. Buy them from reputable manufacturers. Don’t forget to check with your doctor to make sure that you are ready for this dietary program.

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